Juanjo Guillem y Rafael Galvez - Neopercusion


The broad activity of NEOPERCUSIÓN encompasses the creation of projects which include the percussion in solo, ensemble or in combination with other instruments, performers and artists of other disciplines. The projects we create include the implementation of new media, video, experimental stage proposals, and a wide variety of music genres: contemporary, intuitive, contemporary music theatre, contemporary opera, free improvisation, ethnic, early music, electronic, fusion, jazz, film + live music, etc. Constantly reinventing our activity, for 25 years NEOPERCUSION has been at the forefront of nowadays music performance.

NEOPERCUSIÓN has developed projects in collaboration with some of the leading artists of our time, soloists and groups as: Arditti Quartet, Markus Stockhausen, Sigma Project, STOCOS, Iñaki Alberdi, Asier Polo, Raquel Andueza, Tambuco, Arbós Trio, Antonio Serrano, Andreas Prittwitz, Karolina Leedo, Roy Mercure, Especulum, Jaime del Val, Xelo Giner, Pilar Fontalba, Ricardo Descalzo, Ensemble Reflexion K, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, Celia Alcedo, Versus 8, Manuel Blanco, etc. Dozens have been the commissions and first performances of works written for the group by young and well known composers. We are determine to be an active element to foster the presence of female composers in festivals and concert series in Spain and abroad; therefore, we have assumed a special compromise promoting and fostering the work of female composers in our programs and through commissions.

NEOPERCUSION is since 2008 resident ensemble of the Chamberí-Madrid District Council, where we organize, among other activities, two festivals aimed to contemporary music, multimedia and transmedia creation, and to women artists and performers: mAdrid aCTUAL and Pléyades.

Juanjo Guillem / soloist and artistic director
Rafa Gálvez / soloist and executive director
Rosa Díaz Mayo / communications and production